Win-win Negotiation



Achieve a win-win agreement in a sales negotiation by building credibility and a good relationship with customers, analyzing the positions of both sides and presenting effective solutions with mutual benefits.



  • Effective Negotiation
    • 3 criteria of an effective negotiation
    • 4 principles of a win-win negotiation
    • 3 influencing skills to build credibility and a long-term customer relationship


  • Preparation Stage of a Negotiation
    • Assessing objectives of both parties
    • Identifying the 5 financial needs of both parties
    • Assessing the BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement)
    • Generating possible options to develop a range of positions
    • Evaluating the authority, expertise and credibility of both parties; and determining relevant tactics


  • Discussion Stage of a Negotiation
    • 3 ways to maintain relationships:  accurate perception / appropriate emotion / clear communication


  • Active listening skills to stop communication blocks and build mutual understanding