Project Fundamentals



We need to lead or participate in various projects in the workplace. To achieve a better result for each project, we can follow the effective 4-phase fundamental process of project management presented in this workshop.  Applying the skills learned from the workshop, you will be able to:

  • set project objectives in line with key stakeholders’ needs and expectations;
  • improve collaboration with project members with better communication and tasks planning; and
  • monitor project progress effectively to ensure achievement of results.



  • Initiate the project by setting the project scope, acquiring the resources, and developing a communication plan
  • Plan the project with a work breakdown structure (WBS), scheduling tools and tactics to manage 4 risk areas
  • Control project execution through 3 devices to monitor progress, 6 performance reporting tools and 6 tips for making the most of team members
  • Close the project by using 3 key factors to evaluate project performance