15 condensed half-day soft-skills workshops

for all-round job proficiency, covering competencies in:
  • communication & inter-personal skills
  • management & leadership
  • self-empowerment

Contact Course Expert: 

Angela Shing

Tel & WhatsApp +852 61932231 / Email:


Distinguished Features of the Series

Intensive Workshops –  less work interruption

The design of the course contents is based on world renowned research and reference materials.  All courses are effectively structured to be run as half-day intensive workshops to meet different class sizes.  This minimizes interruption to work and facilitates manpower scheduling.

Practical Skills –  easily applying the skills at work

All workshops are enriched with job-related practical skills, and run with different interactive learning methods, including experiential activities, case reviews, role-playing, group discussions and presentations.  There will be memorable tools for participants to apply the skills learned in the workplace, practically enhancing job proficiency.

Flexible Customization – mix and match courses for your needs

All 15 courses are separate half-day modules and can be run as standalone workshops.  You can combine any courses of the series and create a new program to meet your specific needs.  Exercises and practices of each course can be customized for different job requirements.